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There are a few ways you can care for your flowers once you receive them. Floral arrangements that are built into a compote or vessel will need to have fresh water replaced in the vessel every 1-2 days. If your arrangement comes in a wrapped bundle without a vase, here are the best steps to process your flowers at your home and extend their shelf life for a long as naturally possible.

  • Trim off 1 inch of the stems at a 45 degree angle for maximum hydration. You may wear gloves for safety when trimming your stems. For best results, cut stems with a sharp, clean knife or garden shears.This allows them to better absorb and retain water up through the stem. Do not use scissors to cut your flowers since this can crush the stems and prevent water absorption.

  • Make sure your vessel is clean before adding your flowers. Add water to your vessel with your flower food solution before placing your flowers in the vase. Avoid deep water as this may cause stem rot; only a few inches of water is needed.

  • Before placing your flowers in your vessel with the water and flower food solution, make sure there are no leaves/foliage on your stems that would fall below the waterline to prevent bacteria buildup.

  • Change the water every two days and re-cut the stems so your flowers perform and bloom for as long as naturally possible. 

You’ll want to make absolutely sure that you give your arrangement the perfect place to call their own. This means putting them in a cool room away from any hot or cold drafts. Also, it’s paramount that you keep them away from direct sunlight. Either one of those things can spell the end for even the strongest flowers out there.Keep in mind that most flowers will last longer under cool, temperature controlled conditions.

Note:  Lilies, Tulips, and Peonies are among flowers known to cause mild to severe reactions in pets if ingested. We strongly advise against sending these flowers to places with pets, but if you do, display in an area safely out of pet's reach.